Best Laser vein removal Encino options

If you were conscious of your spider veins or varicose veins while growing up, you would have been wearing pants, dark panty hose, leggings and long skirts for years now, whatever the season. That is going to be very uncomfortable in this era of global warming! Not to say incongruous if you’re the only one covered like that and everyone around you is baring as much skin as the occasion would allow. But, all is not hopeless.

There are over-the-counter or online cosmetic products available but these can be expensive, quite tiresome to apply, can wash/wear off at any time, don’t always work or if they do, for a very short period only.

This treatment can be done by a plastic surgeon at a clinic using highly focused light to flow towards those unsightly veins and terminate the tiny swollen blood vessels from marring the appearance of your legs. The beam of light is directed under the skin to cause the blood vessels to shrink.

Laser vein removal Encino is painless but you may have to go through more than one treatment for maximum results. The first treatment might surprise you with a resulting darker looking veins – these will fade away in a few weeks’ time.

Laser Vein Removal Encino Treatment


This treatment method uses a “sclerosing agent” like concentrated saline to be injected into the veins. This will sear the inside surfaces of the blood vessels to result in their closing. The vessels will then stop functioning, but without any risk to the contiguous tissue because upon healing, there will be new, smaller and non-swollen vessels that will do the function of the obliterated vessels.

After the procedure, you would be instructed to wrap your legs tightly in pressure bandages or wear support hose for a number of days and limit your movements to light activity. You would need at least two sessions or more for best results.

Varicose Vein Surgery

Large, lumpy blue vessels jutting out from the sides and backs of your legs are more complex and severely challenging that they do not respond to laser treatments or sclerosis therapy. These kinds of veins may also give you extreme discomfort or pain.

In this condition, only ligation and stripping by a board certified plastic surgeon would be your only solution. The vein removal encino surgeon would make a small cut at the top and bottom of the problematic vein. The vein would be tied off at the top and then pulled out from the body through the cut at the bottom.

This is a major surgical procedure and will require anesthesia. It is certainly effective but complete recovery takes several months, thus, you will need to take a leave from work for several days after the operation.

There are vein removal encino procedures that will target the condition of your veins. You will not have to keep your legs hidden from human sight anymore. You can dispose of those leggings, dark panty hose, pants and long skirts that you had to suffer wearing in the past. Go show some skin!