Foot Veins

Visible foot veins might be keeping you from living life to the fullest. A lot of people look forward to throwing on a pair of shorts or even bathing suit in the summer but foot veins can make this hard. If you are embarrassed by the veins on your legs, you should consider laser foot veins removal. This service is meant to reduce the appearance of veins and enable you to feel comfortable regardless of what you wear.
Laser treatment is mostly suitable for spider veins which are a small cluster of blue, red or purple veins that appear on the feet.

During the procedure of the laser foot vein treatment, the specialist is going to apply ultrasound gel to the area that is being treated. Laser will then be applied in pulses in the whole area. The heat that comes from the light will obliterate the vein which causes it to disappear from sight. You might feel a bit of stinging sensation during the procedure.

Cool air is going to be blown on the feet during treatment in order to reduce discomfort and prevent side effects. Depending on the extent of the veins, each treatment is going to take between fifteen to sixty minutes. Subsequent treatments will be done at four to twelve week intervals. This is going to give your skin time to heal between sessions.

Foot vein removal Los Angeles

Apart from reducing the appearance of veins on your legs, laser treatment is going to boost your confidence. You are going to feel more comfortable wearing bathing suits and shorts outdoors or at the gym. You will even feel much better with your overall image.

The duration the veins will take to completely disappear varies. Everyone has different biological schedule for how fast their bodies are able to heal and how fast the veins that have been knocked out can be reabsorbed into the body. There are some which are going to disappear right there and then but most have to be absorbed. Your personal biological schedule which is based on things such as hereditary to your diet means that the results could take days, weeks or months to be seen. Since everyone is different, there is no way for one to say for sure how long it will take for any given patient.

In medicine, laser offers a surgeon the ability to work precisely. They are able to focus on a small are and cause less or no damage to the surrounding tissues. However, since laser treatment can be costly, it is essential to have medical insurance. Find out from your surgeon if they accept your insurance plan. You need to know this information early so that you can plan on how to pay for it in the event your insurance is not accepted.

If you are searching for the best foot vein removal doctor, then you should consider Dr. Zadeh. You will be pleased with the results. You will no longer be afraid to show off your feet in any attire that you wear.