Vein Removal Calabasas specialist

Varicose veins will not usually cause any major health issues, but they can be unsightly and many people who suffer from this condition say that they feel self-conscious about how the area that is affected by various veins looks. They can also be quite uncomfortable.

Who is the best vein removal Calabasas specialist?

Varicose veins are usually found in the legs, and there are a number of different causes. They are often hereditary and can be made worse by factors such as obesity. The legs are a common area for varicose veins to occur because they work harder in this area to pump the blood back to the heart. The valves that make sure the blood only travels in one direction, and in the legs these valves can weaken over time which means the blood flows backward and collects in pools.

Thankfully, if you do suffer from this condition, then vein removal Calabasas is an option that is available to you. Although other treatments are available, surgery to remove the problem veins is usually the most effective solution. Surgery can also be used to remove spider veins, which are smaller than varicose veins and can also appear on the face as well as the legs.

The length of the surgery will depend on the degree of the problem, but on average it will take about an hour to operate on one leg. The operation will usually be performed under general anaesthetic, so you will be asleep while the procedure is being carried out. The veins that are causing the problem will be removed from an insertion that is made in the groin or the back of the knee. There will be very little problems with circulation after the vein removal has taken place as the blood will always find a way around the body and will simply travel through the other veins in your legs instead.

After your vein removal Calabasas has been carried out then you will usually need to remain in hospital overnight do that the staff can monitor you. As with all types of surgery they will want to ensure that there are no complications that may be missed if you were at home. The staff in the hospital will also try to get you up and moving about as soon as possible, as this will aid in your recovery. You will not be pushed to do more than you feel comfortable with, but keeping mobile can really help you to recover more quickly after your surgery.

The length of time that it takes to completely recover from vein removal Calabasas surgery will vary between patients, but for most people it is a period of two to four weeks. You should be given some support stockings to wear that will help the circulation in your legs. You will probably feel tired for the first couple of days after the surgery but you should try to be as mobile as possible, and gradually build up the amount of exercise that you do over time. You will be prescribed painkillers that you can take if you start to feel too uncomfortable.

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